Cabo Rico 38


Davits and Other Stuff

 Cool shot by first mate. Dink Sold 2014. Looking for replacement.


Davits: Dink has been sold. Looking for new one. 2015

 The Boatex Dinghy ( SOLD, above) is hanging from Ocean Marine Davits. This is the fully upgraded davit system from Ocean Marine. Rated to hold 300 lbs.

Note:The 2HP Johnson on the back rail is no longer functional and not available. A Mariner 6 HP is available.


 Other Stuff


This model of the Cabo Rico has the open quarter birth. We like the open feel that it gives the area below. It also provides a very nice nav station with a flip up table, using the end of the quarter birth as a comfortable seat. This does not provide much privacy for guests. The first mate devised the enclosure you see below using a sheet W/ roping and a roller shade mounted up-side down on the forward part of the nav station. The roller shade is barely visbale on the front of the nav table.

Below Left -OPEN                                                         Below Right- ENCLOSED



Just aft of the nav station and to starboard of the companionway, there use to be a big bin type  drawer that was pretty much useless. The front of the drawer was removed and used as a drop down hinged door. Behind the door we mounted a 2 drawer tool box. This is very handy since it is just to next to the engine access. Also you can see how it looks closed (above left) just under the quarter birth.


Access to the engine is excellent. The white storage tray and crossbar can be removed and there is plenty of room to work on the engine.


This is the sad part of sailing in a northern climate -WINTER. The original canvass cover finally rotted beyond use. For the last six years the boat has been professionally shrink wrapped. The boat is sitting on it's original 6 x 6 wooden cradel.





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